Brampton Staff



Hey there, my name is Alyssa.  I like working at Making Waves because I know I think it is so important for children to learn the life skill of swimming.  I have so much fun doing it too so I always enjoy coming to work!  I love to swim!  When I am with my friends we like to swim, dance, and in the summer go to Canada's Wonderland.  So far, the most exciting thing I've ever done was zip lining...what a great experience!  I hope to talk to you about it soon.  Come say hi to me at the pool!


Hey there my name is Alyssa! I would love to travel to as many places in the world as possible. Some places I`ve already been to are The Dominican Republic, New York, and Florida. I would still like to visit California and Hawaii, and visit the beaches and swim. Its one of my favorite things to do. I love working with kids and seeing them have fun, while helping them learn important skills! Its one of the reasons why I work here at Making Waves Swim School. I hope to see you in the pool!


Helloooo! Im Ashleigh, and I’ve been working at Making Waves since March 2009! I enjoy teaching Back Crawl, My favorite sport is Swimming and Volley Ball. I love French Fries and Pasta, My favorite subject in school is Economics, I like working here because the kids are awesome and they always make my days better.


“Hey I'm Connor.  My top three sports are Swimming, Bike Riding, and Baseball.  When I'm not working I love to read and play the guitar.  I like working at Making Waves because its lots of fun, I get to meet new people and help kids learn how to swim.  I hope to travel and see the world one day and I would love to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.  We should talk about it some time, see you soon!”



“I’ve been working since July of 2010 and the nickname Pickles has stuck with me. I love playing soccer and hanging out at my cottage with my family. I would love to travel to Hawaii one day. Making Waves is a great place to work; good hours, good staff and an awesome work environment!”



“Hey I'm Jai.  I love the movie Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, not to mention I also love to play video games.  I could talk about it all day.  I try to keep active by playing sports like swimming or basketball.  I've also traveled the world from Europe to Hawaii, Miami and Carribean, India and Cuba.  There are so many more places to visit and see and Australia is next on my list.  I hope to see you soon!”


Hello, my name is Emily. I enjoy working at Making Waves Swim School because of the awesome staff and the amazing kids I get to teach. When I`m not at work I enjoy shopping, watching movies and taking pictures of anything. I`ve traveled to places like Florida, Aruba, Montreal and Quebec, and I hope to one day travel to Italy and eat one of my favorite foods, pasta. I hope to see you in the pool!



“Hey everyone!  My name is Jordan.  There are so many things I want to share with you.  I've been to places like South Africa, and one place I would love to visit is China.  It's always been a dream place of mine.  Some of my favorite things to do are watching my favorite movies like Smurfs 2 or Elf, or hanging out with friends playing street hockey.  I love teaching others how to swim and working at Making Waves Swim School helps me do so.  I love the atmosphere and the people.  Some time in the future I hope to go to law school and become a lawyer.  I hope to see you soon!”



"Hi I'm Emma! I'm one of four siblings. I have two older brothers and you may know them because they may have taught you; Gareth or Patrick. Thats one of the reasons I started working here at Making Waves. I love working with kids and interacting with the parents, but having my family here with me is an added bonus. When I'm not teaching, I love to watch and play soccer. It's one of my favorite activities, aside from shopping of course. Currently I am the editor in chief of my school paper, I love english. One day I hope to become a high school english teacher. Something exciting I would like to do one day is to go cage diving with sharks, I think its really cool. What is something exciting you would like to do one day?"


I am Karen! Making Waves is such a warm, caring place to work! I enjoy working with such great staff, swimmers and parent! If you want to book your kids in, have a question, concern or just need to chat I would love to assist you!



Hey everyone! I'm Hannah. I have to say, my favorite thing to do in the world is swim! I absolutely love to teach swimming here at Making Waves and the staff is fantastic. My favorite skill to teach is Back Crawl. When I'm just hanging out, I like to go out for tea with friends or stay home and cook a good meal. My all time favorite food is Sushi! What is yours?



“Hello, my name is Parth.  I've always loved teaching both kids and adults how to swim.  I've done what some call Sea Swimming and would love to swim Niagara Falls too one day.  I grew up playing Cricket and Table Tennis, but I do tune into Football once in awhile.  When I'm not teaching or working I love spending time with my family and friends.  We have loads of fun and just chit chat about my favorite movie Taken!  Sometimes they even ask me to bake or cook for them.  I am a good cook you know!  Maybe we can talk about movies or food sometime.  Come find me in the pool.”



“Hey my name is Liah but I somehow earned the nickname Jelly Bean as I grew up.  I would say that I have a very interesting family culture-I am part Trini, part Chinese and part Newfie!  My favorite sport is Gaelic Football, also known as Australian football.  It's kind of like soccer, basketball and volleyball all mixed in one.  Even though I have travelled to Trinidad I would love to one day visit Bora Bora!  Making Waves is an amazing and enthusiastic place to work! ”



“Hi, I'm Hilary, but most people call me 'Lary'.  I have a big sense of humor and laugh at just about anything.  One day I would like to be on Broadway because I'm inspired by the musical "Sound of Music".  I love working at Making Waves because I have so much fun and I love teaching what I know to kids.”



This could be you!



“Hey I'm Jake but the kids call me Jakey.  Like most Canadians, hockey is my favorite sport to watch and play!  When I'm not into the game I spend my time hanging out with my friends, watching movies and working on the computer-I hope to pursue a career in video editing.  Making Waves is a great place to work; friendls staff and a pleasant working  environment!"



“Hey!  I'm Kevin but some of my friends call me Kev Kev.  What some people don't know about me is I have lived in both Texas and Florida, but my dream place to live would be Rome.  When I'm not in the pool you will see me with my friends watching or playing Football, Rugby, or just hanging out.  I love working at Making Waves because it's not a "job" here; its fun, friendly, and a great working environment.  It's my home away from home.  Some people say I'm a big conversationalist and would love to hear what your favorite movie or food is.  Come find me in the pool!"



“Hi!  I'm Timour but you can call me Tim.  Along with swimming I love to keep active and Basketball is one of my favorite sports to watch and play.  I would love to meet Derrick Rose one day.  Aside from sports, I know you'll agree with me when I say, Spiderman is the greatest movie ever!  We can talk all day about it.  What some people don't know about me is I have a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Doe.  I enjoy working with kids and teaching them life skills, so I hope to see you in the pool soon!



“I’ve been working at Making Waves since January 2010 and people have already given me the nickname Robin. I like playing baseball, hockey and Xbox. Summer is probably my favourite season; I’m usually fishing with my dad every weekend! The best part about working at Making Waves is the people!”



My name is Rachel and I’ve been working as an instructor since December 2009. I consider myself to be an athletic-girly-girl. I enjoy training for track and field and like studying art and science in school. Working with kids is great because we are teaching them life skills! The best part of work is definitely the great staff!”



“Kids, kids, and more kids-that's why I love my job!  My name is Rachel and working at Making Waves has helped bring me closer to my dream job-a teacher!  When I'm not in the pool I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching movies and performing on the stage!  Whether its musicals, plays or my drama class, I absolutely love acting and working behind the scenes.”



Hi everyone, my name is Tracy.  I've taught swimming for many years and my favorite skill to teach is Front Crawl.  Of course swimming is my favorite sport but I love to watch Olympic diving when I can too!  The most exciting thing I've done in my life is raise my children.  I've taught them to be successful, to continue learning new things and to be healthy.  I'd love to share some stories with you one day!  See you in the pool!


This could be you!



“Hey guys and girls! I'm Andrew and have taken all my swim lessons at Making Waves.  Just like my sister Emily, I became part of the Making Waves Team.  I like all kinds of sports but my favorite one is swimming.  When I'm not working I like to watch TV or hang out with my friends.  One of my favorite things about working with Making Waves is I love kids!  I can't wait to see you all in the water.”



“Hi I’m Catherine; I like to teach side glide 4 arms to children. I find it rewarding to see the children smile at the end of the lesson. I am a very shy person but working at Making Waves has the perfect environment for me. I enjoy swimming, reading and hanging out with my friends.”



This could be you!



“Hello, I'm Griffin.  Even though I'm a fish in the pool, I love to watch and play hockey in my spare time.  I have been to Mexico and British Columbia and would love to someday visit the Swiss Alps.  I'm a huge french fry fanatic and love to play the bass clarinet.  I love working at Making Waves because it's a fun place to work!”



“Hi I’m Marie; I have been working at Making Waves since September 2008 and the staff here are amazing! I like to teach front crawl. I love to go shopping and watch soccer! I will eat anything that is meat based! I’m in my first year of college and like learning about mathematics. I would one day like to visit France!”



“You can call me Big Rich!  I've been working at Making Waves since 2003, and I am kind of a legend in the pool- ha ha ha!  You can find me hanging around at all our locations teaching your little 'fisheys' how to swim.  Most people know that I'm a huge Jays fan and dream to be part of their line-up one day.  I love chicken wings so if I'm not at the pool you can probably find me at Wild Wing! '”



“Hi everyone!  My name is Matthew.  When I'm instructing in the pool I love to teach front crawl, but I have to tell you...along with swimming Hockey is one other sport I can't get enough of.  I've been to places like Alaska, Hawaii, and Newfoundland, and I still haven't seen a Sea Turtle!  I'm really hoping to see one soon.  When I have spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing sports, and watching comedies.  I seem to have trouble just picking one comedy movie.  I could watch them all!  You should come find me in the pool, we'll have a blast!”



“Hi, I'm Anuysha!  I love playing sports, but my all-time favorite sport is soccer.  When I am not at the pool teaching, I enjoy playing the piano.  I love to travel!  I have visited Paris, Texas, Mexico and India and one day hope to visit Hawaii...and the rest of the world!”



“I’ve been swimming with Making Waves since I was kid and got the nickname Big Willy from Chicago. I like BMX racing and playing Xbox 360 in my spare time. If I had to pick one food to eat forever it would definitely be Mac and Cheese! If I had to pick one word to sum up Making Waves it would be awesome!”



“My name is Austin and I used to be a student Making Waves. My favourite sport is football and video games are a definite spare time activity. I also love to play guitar and piano and I also draw and sing!”



"Hi!  My name is Matthew, also known as Matt.  Teaching swimming is a fantastic job to have!  I personally enjoy teaching front crawl to the children.  Some places that I've been to are the Bahamas and the east coast of Canada...BUT I would love to go to Japan one day.  When I am not at work I enjoy playing soccer, watching movies, and doing any outdoor activities.  Some activities include bike riding, canoeing, and kayaking.  A couple interesting things that I've done include watching the launch of a rocketship at NASA and also swimming with sharks, stingrays, and polar bears.  If you strive and take pride in what you believe in, then there is no reason you will not succeed.  See you in the water!"



“Hey I'm Mark and like any swimming instructor, I absolutely love working with children!  I guess you can say I'm still a kid at heart; I like to play video games, watch movies and eat Trix cereal in my spare time.  I have travelled all over Canada and stay true to my roots by watching a good game of Hockey any chance I can!”



"Hello, I'm Danielle! You can call me Danicracker! I enjoy working at Making Waves because I love the staff and working with the kids. Everyone is so friendls! One skill I love teaching are surface dives! Some places that I have been to are Quebec, Ottawa, Mexico, USA, and Grand Caymen. All very beautiful places, but going to Australia is definitely on my bucket-list. When I am not working, I love to play soccer, watch movies, and swim. I have swam with the dolphins and stingrays! My favourite food is hands-down French fries?mmmmm! My next step is to study criminology or psychology in university, and hopefully run a marathon one day. I'll see you later!"



 Hi I'm Lauren!  I love teaching and I hope to one day become a Science Teacher.  Working at Making Waves gives me the opportunity to work with children which is also something I love to do.  I have a drive to help other people and it took me to Iqaluit in Nunavut to build a home for a family in need.  In my spare time I like to go to the movies with friends and eat sushi!  I hope to see you in the pool!



“Hi my name is Nice.  Most of the time you can catch me swimming, but I also love to watch and play Basketball.  Usually I play with my friends on my spare time but if it's not playing Basketball, it's going out and watching a movie or shopping!  Hanging out with them is so much fun;  we have even gone zip lining in the Philippines.  What few people don't know about me is, I love to sing and play the guitar.  I hope we can talk about it some day.  See you in the pool!”



“Hey! I’m Tori, and I began working here in the summer of 2008! One place I would really like to go to would be Australia. My favorite sport is soccer, I think Bruce Willis is an interesting person, I love chocolate, and I’m interested in Politics and law.   I think Making Waves has a good environment and a good method of teaching our students.”



“Hi there!  I'm Duncan!  Making Waves has staff members who take pride in what they do and appreciate those around them.  I love being around here.  My favorite thing to teach is dives!!  A goal I would like to achieve is to be successful in the music industry.  For now, I play football, watch movies, and hang out with friends when I can.  I have been bungee jumping, gone to Dominican and the USA.  Italy is one place that I am planning on travelling to.  Some call me a monkey because of how much bananas I eat.  I love any type of food that has banana as its flavour...mmm!”



“Hello, I'm Dennis-the-Menace!  I have visited England and Florida and I would love to visit Hawaii when I'm older.  I love working at Making Waves because I love working with children and teaching them such an important life skill.  When I am not in the pool you can usually catch me playing music with my friends.”



“Hey I am Pat. I love teaching, swimming and working with kids so joining Making Waves just seemed to be the right choice. I would have to say my favorite skill to teach is back crawl. Swimming however is not my entire life, my favorite sport is rugby, I play the trumpet, and someday I hope to visit Ireland!"



“Hi there, you can call me Meg! My favorite skill to teach are the back floats! I started working for Making Waves in the Spring of 2011. I always wanted to go to Scotland and got a chance to spend time there this past summer!  My favorite past time is swimming with my friends. I like working at Making Waves because my co-workers are really nice people.”



“Hey!  I'm Nicholas, but you can call me Nico.  I've been swimming with Making Waves since I was a little boy and now I teach people how to swim!  When I'm not in the pool you can catch me going on adventures, finding new places to explore, or watching my Top 2 movies; The Avengers or Pokemon 2000.  My passion aside from swimming is flying.  I'm currently looking into Advanced Aviation and Flight Technology and I hope to be a Pilot one day.  Hope to talk to you soon!”



“Hey I’m Melanie but you can call me Mel! I like to teach dives and I started working at Making Waves in March 2011! I would love to visit Europe! I have been to the Caribbean and Florida! My favourite sport is Soccer and I enjoy hanging out with friends. I like working at Making Waves because I love helping and teaching kids new skills.”



“Hey everyone!  My name is Rebecca, but you can call me peaches which has been my nickname since I was little.  Can you guess what my favorite food is?  Fuzzy peaches!  In my lifetime I hope to learn how to play the guitar and I would also like to go sky diving.  Until then I will continue to have fun with my family and friends during sleepovers, watch one of my favorite movies Lord of the Rings, or go shopping for clothers at the mall.  I have many things I would like to try in my life time, what would you like to do?”



“Hey I’m Daniel, or you can call me Danny B! Aside from swimming soccer occupies most of my spare time. I like going to movies with my friends, especially if it’s a Will Ferrell movie! I would love to one day visit Italy! Making Waves has a positive environment to work in and to be honest it doesn’t even feel like work when you’re here!”



"Hello, I am Rohan! Teaching swimming is a wonderful job to have. I get to see children have fun and accomplish new skills everyday. As well, the staff members work as a team, which creates a positive environment to be in. I must tell you, I love to pull pranks on people…so watch out! When I am not working, I enjoy making my own beats; I find that is when I am the most creative. Also, I love to watches movies and play football. I’ve been to USA many times, as well as Quebec and India. One place I plan on travelling to is Barcelona. Something exciting about me I used to be an Air Cadet. I cannot wait to meet you and help you swim in the water!"



Hi there!  My name is Thomas.  Some of you may know my older brother William, he works here too!  My favorite skill to teach is Whip Kick!  It's a tough skill for children to accomplish so I love seeing them achieve this stroke!  Aside from swimming, I also like to play baseball and watch hocky.  Some of my goals for the future are to go sky diving and own my own business.  I enjoy watching favorites are The Lord or the Rings Trilogy and The Lion King.  What's yours?



“Hello, I’m Michel and I’ve been working at Making Waves since the summer of 2010. I go to school at McMaster University in Hamilton and am currently studying Anatomy. My favourite sport is of course swimming and I would love to visit New Zealand! Call me crazy, but I think I could eat sushi almost everyday!”


This could be you!



“Hi, my name is Neal.  Although swimming has taken up much of my spare time throughout the years, I have a passion for music.  I play the piano and the guitar and hope to become a musician.  The big plan would be for my name to one day show up in the credits of a movie!  The best part about my job is that it feels like we're all family, all the staff are awesome!”



“Hi!  My name is Robyn.  I love swimming, and surface dives are one of my favorite things to do.  Aside from swimming, I also play badminton.  When I am with my friends, I like to watch movies, swim and go to Canada's Wonderland.  One day I would like to go sky diving and hopefully work with animals and stop animal cruelty.  What some people don't know about me is that I like to play the trumpet and Guitar.  You should come find me in the pool, we can talk about movies.  I love, love, love Dispicable Me!”



“Hi, I'm Brooke!  My brothers and I took all of our swim lessons with Making Waves!  I have always wanted to be an instructor and one day, I hope to work as an event planner!  My summers usually consist of trips up to the cottage where I water ski and hang out with my family.  If I had to pick a favorite food, I would most definitely pick sushi!  Making waves is great; the staff and the kids make every class a fun one!"



“Yvette Corvette, that’s the nickname I got! I enjoy traveling and I’ve been to every American state, Canadian province and to some cities in Eastern Europe! I can officially count to ten in six different languages! Swimming, hanging out with friends and eating Manchu Wok are definitely some of my favourite pastimes. I love the friendly staff at Making Waves!”



“I'm Brendan and have taken all my swim lessons at Making Waves.  Spots take up most of my spare time whether it's watching them on TV or shooting some hoops myself...I'm pretty tall!  When I'm not on the court I enjoy playing the guitar and working towards becoming a billionaire!  The best part about my job is seeing all the kids learn and succeed.”



“Working at Making Waves has been great - the staff is fantastic and the work environment is really comfortable. I’ve travelled to England and the Unites States but would really love to visit China one day. The best part about being an Instructor is seeing kids smile and have fun during each lesson.”



“Hi! I'm Ryleigh.  In my spare time I love to listen to country and pop music, and dancing along is the best part!  My favorite colour is blue, and when I'm hungry my all time food of choice is tacos.  I can speak 4 different languages.  It might come in handy since I want to travel all around the world!”



“Hey everyone,  I'm Vincent!  Some call me Vince.  Although swimming is a sport that I really enjoy, I also am truely Canadian and love Hockey.  My other activities include going to the gyn to workout, watching movies like Fight Club with my friends, or playing in my band.  Not many people know this about me...I play in a band and have played the piano and guitar since I was 4 years old.  What instruments have you played?  See you in the pool!”



“I consider myself to be a pretty proud Canadian; hockey takes up most of my spare time whether it's watching it on TV or playing it with my friends!  Teaching swimming is a great job!  I get to be with kids all day and participate in a sport I like!  Next thing to do on my bucket list is go skydiving!"


This could be you!


This could be you!




“My name is Rachel and my nickname is Noodle.  I've been to New York City and I would love to visit Australia & New Zealand.  My favorite sport to watch and play is Rugby!  When I'm with my friends we like to go shopping, go on adventures & have sleepovers.  I love working at Making Waves because I love the people I work with.  I can't wait to see you all in the pool!” 


This could be you!



“My name is Jamie but for some reason the nickname "Jimmy" has stuck and that's what everyone calls me!  Aside from swimming and dancing I enjoy watching rugby and playing soccer in my spare time.  Being a drama major definitely keeps my life exciting and gets me ready for a full day of working with kids.  Making Waves is great because we are teaching children a life saving skill.”



"Hi my name is Jheanelle and I’m quite familiar with the Making Waves atmosphere seeing as I took all of my swimming lessons here! Being an instructor is great! I like making a difference in people’s lives and the friendly working environment makes it that much better! I pass my time reading and eating pizza whenever I can!”



Quinten is my name and golf is my game! When I'm not watching hockey or long-boarding, I'm working on my drive or hanging out with my friends. I'm lucky enough to have visited a lot of places in the world; I've been to Australia, Hawaii, Spain, Portugal, Bahamas and Mexico. Next on the list is Africa. I love coming to work everyday and working with the kids and the awesome staff!



“Hi guys!  My name is Kaitlyn, but you can call me Katie.  My favorite movies are Finding Nemo & Sherlock Holms.  When I'm hanging out with my friends we like to go on bike rides or go to Starbucks.  I like working at Making Waves Swim School because I love swimming and meeting new people.  See you in the pool!”