Your child will learn a series of new skills that challenge the strength of their kicking by adding arm movement, coordinated breathing, and rolling from their front onto their back. Your child will be learning the building blocks for Front Crawl!

Here are a few of the key skills you will see your child practicing:

  • Side glides: children kick on their back with one arm up. This teaches them the breathing component of Front Crawl
  • Rocket-ship rollovers: this skill builds on the roll-overs they have learned and teaches your child how to transfer their weight from front to back with fast kicks and the use of their arms
  • “4 arms”: teaches your child how to rotate and push their arms through the water, while maintaining a consistent kick for speed and support
  • “Side Glide 4 arms”: A version of basic front crawl where your child is putting all of the skills they have learned so far together into one stroke 
  • Self Rescue Techniques – disorienting entries into deep water and returning to a point of safety