Leadership Team

TIERNAN MURPHY – Owner and Founder

Some people call me Chief Wave Maker – but most people call me ‘T’! I truly believe that our growth as a company is a tribute to the motivated, creative, talented and caring staff that fuel Making Waves. When not in pursuit of all things aquatic, you may find me biking, golfing, cooking something super spicy or just having fun with my 3 amazing kids!


I’m the one without the webbed feet contributing from behind the scenes on marketing, management development and strategic planning. You are more likely to find me running after our kids and editing copy than doing front crawl at the pool! I love meeting new parents enrolled in our program and hearing how pleased they are with their children’s progress. It is such a rewarding industry to be a part of! Besides building Lego City with our boys and spending time with our beautiful daughter, I also love painting, photography, soccer and eating lots of good Italian food!

CARRIE MENDLOW – General Manager

I have been working at Making Waves since 1999 and can officially say I've done every job there is to do here! It has been amazing to see the company grow over the years and to be a part of such a dedicated and motivated team. The company has touched so many lives, including my own; many of my best friends are people I met here! When I am not at the pool you may find me in the kitchen. I love to cook! If the leaves are falling and it's Sunday you will find me in my Green Bay Packers jersey watching football and spending time with family and friends.

LAURA ALLISON  Program and Business Improvement Administrator

I'm Laura! I have been in the pool my whole life! You name it and I've done it: I've taught swimming lessons for years, I compete in Lifeguard Competitions, I've trained staff and even maintained different pools...you could say that I've always been passionate about Aquatics! My major role within the company is assisting in the development of systems to help us grow and improving  the way we do things. At Making Waves, innovation and improvement are extremely important to us and I love working on these types of projects! I enjoy keeping myself active with working out, playing baseball and volleyball. The Making Waves staff are a unique group of individuals that I am excited to continue to get to know and work with.

LISA ROSENBERGER – Program Manager, Brampton

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa! I love to teach advanced leadership courses such as specialized Instructor courses, and lifeguard training programs. I am in charge of both of the Brampton locations for Making Waves Swim School.  I love the challenge of running two facilities with such a large and dynamic team of people! I am passionate about music and I have actually recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the band Sigur Ros; the track can be heard at EMI Records and on YouTube. It was an incredible experience! I can't wait to meet you at the pool!




NICOLE DUMANCAS  Assistant Manager, Brampton

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole. I love the islands! I've been to Jamaica and I'm hoping to visit Costa Rica one day. My favourite sport is volleyball, although I will tune into a basketball game if I get the chance. I love working with children and Making Waves is the perfect place to do this. I wear many different shirts at Making Waves - you can catch me working reception, in the water, decorating for birthay parties or supervisting at one of our locations. I am a lover of anything and everything that is fun so I am so lucky to work at Making Waves where we combine fun, great people and tons of energy into all that we do!

Site Supervisors

Our site supervisors are the people in charge of your overall customer experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can help you.  



Hi there! My name is Melissa and I have been at Making Waves since 2010. Since I have started here the energy in the building has been outstanding! The positive energy is encouraging for both the staff and swimmers! I love coming into work! Some of my hobbies include dancing, swimming, boating, and travelling. Hope to see you soon, keep on swimming!

RICHARD WEAVER  Site Supervisor

You can call me Big Rich! I've been working at Making Waves since 2003, and I am kind of a legend in the pool- ha ha ha! You can find me hanging around at all our locations teaching your little 'fisheys' how to swim. Most people know that I'm a huge Jays fan and dream to be part of their line-up one day. I love chicken wings so if I'm not at the pool you can probably find me at Wild Wing!


HANNAH MOORE - Site Supervisor

Hey everyone! I'm Hannah. I have to say, my favorite thing to do in the world is swim! Making Waves has been such a fantastic place for me to grow. I started off teaching swimming lessons (which I love to do!) then I started working at the desk and now I am one of the supervisors! The staff here is fantastic and I love coming to work! When I'm just hanging out, I like to go out for tea with friends or stay home and cook a good meal. My all time favorite food is Sushi! I look forward to meeting you at the pool!


RENEE PAPADEAS   Site Supervisor

I have been working with Making Waves since 2003! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! I actually learned to swim at Making Waves years ago... I had Carrie and Tiernan as instructors! I later became an instructor, also worked at the front desk and was the Program Manager at one of our Brampton locations for a few years! I am a school teacher now but I still work at Making Waves because everyone here is like family! Someday I would love to visit Italy or Greece! If I’m not at the pool you may find me drawing, painting or playing volleyball.

KEVIN NUNN  Site Supervisor

Hey! My name is Kevin. I have worked at Making Waves since 2007 and I can say that I have made my way through the Making Waves totem pole. I have been an assistant, an instructor, a Head Instructor; I've also worked at the front desk, and now a Site Supervisor! My favorite thing about working here at Making Waves is making a BIG WAVE in our community! It's so nice to work with instructors that I once taught and now share the same passion! Making Waves is like family to me- see you at the pool!