Parent and Tot Program

Foster your babies natural love of water!

The water has amazing benefits to your baby’s development. Let us guide you through the experience of teaching your baby or toddler to swim!

In a Parent & Tot class you will learn basic water safety skills and proper holding techniques. You will help adjust your child to the pool in an environment that encourages social interaction and fun. In our classes babies and toddlers develop skills such as water entry/exit, blowing bubbles, water submersion, kicking, and floating. Our specially designed Parent & Tot Program is a great way to build your child’s water confidence while having lots of fun together!

Parent & Tot Courses offered at Making Waves:

At Making Waves, we divide our classes into swimmers that are doing Parent and Tot for the first time and swimmers that have done Parent and Tot before.  This way, the classes can be tailored to what you and your baby's level of experience is in the water.

All classes are 30 minutes in length. You can expect up to seven parents and babies in your group. Classes are divided based on baby’s age, so we can further individualize skills learned based on your child’s developmental stage.

Check out our Parent & Tot Frequently Asked Questions section.